Cruising World Adventure Charters

The Perfect Way to Sail Around the World

Have you ever dreamed of chartering in Italy or Tonga but cannot get enough sailing friends together to make your dream a reality? Many adventuresome sailors have discovered that a Cruising World Adventure Charter is an ideal way to sail around the world, AND THESE TRIPS ARE A LOT OF FUN!

Since 1995 Cruising World magazine has relied on King Yacht Charters to organize its flotillas in the most wonderful sailing locations throughout the world. Drawing on years of living abroad and a love of sailing, Peter and Carol King have vast personal experience, incite, and on-the-ground knowledge of diverse locations, and are justifiably proud of the Adventure Charters they have planned and led in the Pacific – Fiji, Tonga, New Zealand, Australia, Tahiti, and New Caledonia; in the Indian Ocean –  the Seychelles (including an East African safari add-on), Maldives; in the Mediterranean – Spain’s Balearic Islands, Sardinia & Corsica, Italy, Croatia, the Ionian and Cyclades Islands of Greece, and Turkey; in Europe – Scotland, Ireland and Finland; in the Caribbean –  BVI, Grenadines, Abacos, Belize, and St. Martin!

Well over 1,500 enthusiastic sailors attest to a Cruising World Adventure Charter as a great vacation.  In fact, 30 – 50% of participants have sailed with us before.

For most sailors “group travel” in general, and flotilla sailing in particular, is a new experience.  These trips are low-key, flexible, and focus on having a great time with fellow sailors while discovering a new sailing area.  You’ll sail on top quality charter yachts, meet other like-minded adventurous sailors, and discover that you really CAN venture forth into new waters. A “lead boat” with a skipper/guide whose specific local knowledge about the sailing area provides a certain “safety-net comfort.” A daily chart briefing prepares you for the day’s sail, noting any “nasties” underwater along the route, and highlighting special lunch stops or sights to visit. The trips include hotels, provisioning, special events, and often air from the USA.

Don’t worry if you are unable to fill a boat yourself; we will match you with other couples (of course, singles are always welcome, too!).  You may have some apprehension about sailing with people you don’t know, but be assured that we have a very good track record of putting sailors together who complement one another.  In fact, many new and lasting friendships have been made on these Adventure Charters.

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